Our Occupational Therapists are experts in conducting Work Capacity Evaluations and Cost of Future Care (Life Care Plans). We can also provide expert opinions on rehabilitation needs and case management, loss of earning capacity and cost of vocational rehabilitation...

Work Capacity Evaluations

  • Work capacity evaluation are used to determine a client’s ability to participate in the basic demands of competitive employment, particularly tolerating full workdays and daily job attendance.
  • The evaluation will require the client to perform work simulations over a time period to determine the client’s capabilities. Results from the evaluation will be used to determine the barriers to a client’s return to his or her pre-injury job, and appropriate job alternatives.

Occupational Therapy Intervention & Case Management

  • Our Occupational Therapists at Green Tree Rehabilitation can help determine the appropriate medical services or rehabilitation interventions necessary during their recovery process to move their file forward towards case resolution. We are well versed in a variety of fields, such as mental health rehabilitation, brain injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management, and community occupational therapy. and frequently case manage disability management files. Our experience positions us well to expertly navigate the medical system and processes as case managers.

Cost of Future Care Evaluations
(aka Life Care Plans)

  • GTR OTs complete a medical legal functional capacity evaluation to assist in the resolution of personal injury litigation. The OT then provides his/her expert opinion regarding a persons’ residual functional capacities and work capacity. Medical documentation, functional assessments, interviews with the client and family members, activities of daily living assessments are also combined with this information to produce a comprehensive Cost of Future Care/Life Care Plans regarding loss of housekeeping, residual employability, loss of earning capacity and cost of vocational rehabilitation.