Green Tree Rehabilitation’s Occupational Therapists are experts in offering interventions for mental health conditions, brain injuries, and chronic pain. We are also highly experience in providing community occupational services…

Mental Health Rehabilitation

  • Occupational Therapy Occupational Performance Activation (OTOPA): Green Tree Rehabilitation is the pioneer of the OTOPA program, which is a dynamic 10 to 12 week program designed for persons with ADHD, PTSD, OCD, chronic pain, depression, and/or anxiety. OTOPA aims to enable productive occupational performance through participation in functional and daily activities. Each intervention is tailored according to the client’s functional profile and directly engages the client in the practical application of adaptive strategies, accommodations and skills.
    • Stress and anxiety management
    • Communications and interpersonal skills
    • Cognitive behavioral therapy targeting symptoms
    • Life skills training (coping, assertiveness, self-soothing)
    • Intrapersonal self-management (self-esteem and confidence building)
    • Interpersonal self-management/social skills training
    • Workload management
    • Reintegration into life-role activities
    • Environmental adaptation/accommodation and equipment prescription
  • Prolonged Exposure Therapy for chronic pain and mental health is a graded behavioural and/ or cognitive behavioral therapy designed to treat trauma survivors often diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic pain, and anxiety and depression. Occupational therapists work with the clients in the community gradually providing supported exposures for the client overtime to overcome and manage their fears and related anxieties more effectively. Supported Graduated Exposure Therapy is used to assist with managing anxiety related to daily life or work-related incidents. Exposure therapy for persons with PTSD, anxiety and chronic pain help clients work through trauma and develop resilience over psychological trauma and stress.This program aims to increase an individual’s physical, psychosocial, and functional tolerances in preparation for a graduated return to work or return to daily activities. Sessions occur over a period of treatment sessions.
  • Progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) - The progressive Goal Attainment Program (PGAP) is a standardized community-based intervention program designed to target psychosocial risk factors. PGAP is a life-role re-integration program tailored to meet the rehabilitation needs of individuals to overcome the challenges associated with a wide range of debilitating health and mental health conditions. PGAP was designed to complement existing clinical services for the treatment of debilitating health and mental conditions.

Home Health Assessments

  • From post-concussion to severe brain injury, our experienced GTR occupational therapists provide a variety of community-based rehabilitation services for clients impacted by the cognitive, physical, psychosocial and behavioral effects.
  • Our therapists will assess the client and develop a goal-oriented program to maximize the client’s independence at home and in the community
  • Typically, our GTR occupational therapists work to assemble a plan based on the client’s needs. We also use a multi-disciplinary approach by collaborating with stakeholders, such as family, physiotherapists, rehabilitation assistants, speech-language pathologists, and family physicians.

Chronic Pain Rehabilitation & Case Management

  • Our Occupational Therapists are well versed in chronic pain rehabilitation. We will evaluate the impact the pain on daily activities and quality of life, and equip the client with the skills and strategies to manage the pain. Our therapists can help redirect the pain to lessen the effect that pain has on an individual’s daily life and show the client exercises to increase their strength and stamina. We will also offer recommendations for services and equipment that the client can use to manage his or her pain. Through our case management services we will help clients return to their daily lives efficiently and cost-effectively.

Community Occupational Therapy

  • Our Occupational Therapists are highly experienced in working with individuals within the community. We can help clients address the barriers that are preventing them from fully participating in their communities. Some services that we can provide are teaching clients how to do activities with their current abilities, recommend equipment and services to help clients access their communities, recommend equipment to help accommodate the client’s needs and make changes to a client’s community environment so that he/she can function to the best of his/her abilities.